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How do pressure washers help maintain hygiene?

Now more than ever in a global pandemic, we have all become more aware of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising. The question is do we really know the difference between these terms?

Let's take a look at how a pressure washer can speed up the disinfecting, sanitation, and cleaning processes at home and at the workplace.

The term cleaning means to remove dirt and debris from a surface, environment or object. The cleaning products are chemical or natural products used to help aid the cleaning process.

This term is used to describe the way in which we destroy pathogenic microorganisms. In order to achieve this, the elimination of germs is used with chemical agents that contain ingredients that work as a disinfectant active ingredient.

Such ingredients include chlorine, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. Or through physical agents such as very low temperatures or heat.


On the other hand, sanitisation is the elimination of all microorganisms, including both pathogenic and non-pathogenic.

Sanitisation must guarantee the healthiness of an environment. Whilst the area must be disinfected and hygienic, but does not necessarily need to be clean.

This term is used to describe the concept of both disinfecting and cleaning an object or part of an area, meaning you can specifically carry out hygienisation in a structure with more than one room.

For more information about using your pressure washer to maintain hygiene, please contact our expert team!

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