Used Equipment

fully checked & serviced

Pre-owned pressure washers

This is our used machinery department. Most of the equipment here has been the result of a trade in when the customer has purchased a new model or it can be that we have purchased machines from a reputable source which are still current models or that we can still get parts for.

Whichever it may be all machines will go through a full check and service, we will fit new parts where required and will often re-paint the chassis etc to bring back some aesthetic appeal.

All machines get 3 months parts and labour return to base warranty as standard (unless stated otherwise) and most come with brand new high pressure hose, lance and trigger gun.

From time to time you will see some of our own manufactured machines in the used area - these make extremely good purchases as they are usually fully re-conditioned.

However they are few and far between as they last many years longer than the usual competition, 12 years and more is fairly standard.

We also have re-conditioned static machines both hot water and cold water which have been on 3 year contract hire from Systemwash, and have all been well serviced and again they receive a full workshop appraisal, repairs and service before leaving for a new working life.