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The outbreak of coronavirus, the subsequent lockdown, and now the reopening of businesses, has seen hygiene skyrocket to the top of every organisation's priority list. And commercial fleet vehicles have not escaped the raft of hygiene and safety measures businesses are having to introduce as they return to work.

Personal Hygiene
Our quickest, easiest and most cost effective method of controlling the spread of a virus remains maintaining high levels of personal hygiene. Hand washing, wearing gloves and regularly using wipes and sanitisers are an effective measure in preventing the spread of viruses through the use of commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Interior
The interior hygiene of a vehicle should be treated in a similar way to how we approach personal hygiene. Steering wheel covers and sear covers provide a disposable barrier of protection, and should be combined with regular cleaning and sanitising of high-contact touch points such as handles, mirror, gear knob etc.

Vehicle Exterior
A commercial vehicle washing solution such as Systemwash 301 can provide a flexible and tailored solution that is installed onsite, fully maintained, and customised to accommodate specific chemicals, washing methods and cleaning objectives.

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Our unique vehicle washing system designed primarily for fleet operators who require an effective washing system.

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