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Essential Autumn pressure washing tips

Now that Autumn is upon us and the leaves are falling from trees, nights are darker, there are a few chores that we mustn't forget to prepare for our homes.

Fear not, these jobs are made much simpler and easier with your jet wash! Here are a few helpful tips to begin with;

Clear your outdoor drains
Although the leaves look beautiful when they are hanging colour and fall from trees, they are not so beautiful when they clog up your drains!

The leaves go soggy and can cause blockages in the drains which lead to leaks and costly repairs.

This can be easily avoided by using your jet wash- you can use drain cleaning attachments and kits with your pressure washer and these helpful attachments help to clear your drains avoiding any potential problems.

Clean patios and decking
Now is a great time to clean patios and decking from mud and grime. You will see an instant result from cleaning these which makes the job more enjoyable! You can use special patio cleaning attachments which may speed up the job.

Spruce up your garden furniture
Before storing away your garden furniture for the Winter, it is essential to clean it from mud and dirt.

This will help the garden furniture last longer and spare it from any damage from the colder weather. When the weather returns nicer again your furniture will come out of storage looking like new!

Remove mud from garden tools
Another job which is often forgotten about is cleaning your gardening tools.

This will help to keep your gardening tools from rust and deterioration over the next few months. Using your jet wash is a quick and easy way to do this and then pat them down dry.

Clean your gutters
As well as clogging up your drains, soggy wet leaves can also gather and clog up the gutters on your house. Using your jet wash is a fantastic way to remove these leaves and any dirt and debris which may have gathered.

Well maintained gutters improve the life of your roofing and prevent any water damage in your home. This one is definitely a must!

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