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Essential Pressure Washing Safety Tips

Pressure washer safety tips
Pressure washers are very powerful machines to use, therefore need to be used safely.

Once you have read the manual thoroughly to understand how your pressure washer works, ensure that you are keeping yourself and others safe by following these helpful tips.

Never misuse the wand
The pressure washer wand is very strong and can remove the strongest dirt from concrete and even damage concrete when it is on its strongest setting.

If aimed at anyone, it can cause severe tissue damage and internal damage needing immediate medical attention.

So always point the wand downwards until you feel comfortable with its strength, and never leave them within reach of children.

Wear personal protective equipment
Closed toe boots, goggles, gloves, long trousers, safety glasses and hearing protection are a must when pressure washing.

Flying debris can cause damage to your eyes, the jet wash can also cause damage to shoes and wearing gloves can protect your hands and ensure that you have a tight grip.

You will also get soaking wet when pressure washing so normal clothes won’t protect you. It is also a very noisy job so it is advised to protect your ears!

Do a safety assessment on your surroundings
Consider all areas that you are pressure washing, removing obstacles, hoses, and anything you don’t want to cause damage to.

Make sure pets and children are out the way and anything that can cause distraction. Check for traffic, uneven or slippery surfaces.

Ensure that you are not spraying water at an electricity outlet as this can cause an electric shock.

Avoid ladders when using a pressure washer as the force and kickback can be stronger than you imagine. It is suggested that the correct nozzles, extensions and attachments are used instead to reach heights.

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