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Maintaining your home in Autumn

The first lockdown in the UK saw many of us taking the opportunity to catch up on DIY jobs around our homes. This November, the second lockdown offers an opportunity to undertake some essential Autumn property maintenance.

Before considering packing your pressure washer away for another year, take a moment to consider carrying out some of these important seasonal jobs that your jet wash can help make light work of.

1) After celebrating Halloween, followed by bonfire night, there's a good chance there will be some unwanted debris and detritus found around your property. The sooner this is cleaned up the better, especially if it includes pumpkin leftovers which can attract pests and rodents.

2) The American's like to refer to Autumn as 'fall' for a pretty obvious reason. Over the past few weeks our walkways, drives, gardens, and roofs have been victim to a thick covering of fallen leaves. This can be particularly damaging in your gutters where they can create blockages that lead to more serious issues further down the line.

3) Gutters aren't the only thing that can get blocked and cause damage to your property - so can your drains and grates. Just as with your gutters, a pressure washer can help you easily clear away any early blockages that have the potential to get worse over the months ahead. As temperatures begin to drop, gathered water that hasn't drained away is likely to freeze and either cause a slip hazard around your property or even cause damage to your pipes and drains.

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