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Home maintenance tips for Winter time

Here are our top tips for preparing the outside of your home for the cold and unpredictable weather Winter can bring, and in doing so, avoid damage to your property and the costly repairs it can result in.

Taking the proper steps now can pay dividends come Spring time and the finer weather we'll all be ready for!

Jet wash your exterior walls

The exterior of your home should be fully cleaned at least once a year. The dirt, mould and mildew that forms on the outside of your walls typically grows most in warmer weather, but in Winter the heat escaping through outlets makes an ideal breeding ground and justifies a clean.

Check seals around doors and windows

Whilst cleaning the outside of your property, it is the perfect opportunity to check the seals around doors and window to ensure they are fully in tact and ready for the weather to come over the next few months. Better to find out now than in freezing or blizzard conditions!

Clean patios and concrete surfaces

If you've not already done it over the past 5 or 6 months, it's time to clean your concrete surfaces or patio areas. Concrete is porous and as such the dirt and grime that collects on it's surface ultimately damages it. Now is the perfect time to clean things up and apply some sealer.

Spare a thought for the garden furniture

You've probably spent a bit of money on it and enjoyed it over the Summer, so take a bit of time to give your garden furniture a clean down and save it from the freezing nights ahead by packing it away somewhere warmer and sheltered from the elements. This simple task can significantly extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture and make using it far more enjoyable next year.


Follow these simple steps and your home will be better prepared for the Winter than it was a few hours earlier, and potentially costly repairs and replacements will be easily avoided.

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