How to Choose a Pressure Washer

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An introductory guide

In recent years commercial grade pressure washers have become an essential component in the maintenance and cleaning toolkit of many transport and industrial sector businesses. And with good reason, they offer countless applications and benefits that can add value to an organisation and its operations.

It only takes a quick search online though, and you soon discover that choosing the right pressure washer to meet your needs isn't always going to be a straightforward job! The options and variations are seemingly endless. So how do you make the best decision to suit your requirements (and your budget)?

Well this guide is your first step - it introduces the key features and components that you need to look at when purchasing a commercial pressure washer. Once you're familiar with the basics you can go a step further and call the team at Systemwash who are always on hand to offer free, expert advice.

1. Hot or Cold
Take time to consider how you are going to be using and your pressure washer and what you intend on cleaning with it. Pressure washers blast dirt with high pressure jets of water to wash it away, but some deposits will need more than just pressure, such as oil and grease, which would benefit from hot water.

2. Pressure and Flow Rate
It's not surprising that a product with the word 'pressure' in it leads people to believe water pressure is the most important product feature to consider! Whilst it is important, flow rate is equally important. Again, think about the areas and surfaces you are cleaning. Whilst high pressure will give you greater penetrating force to breakdown dirt, flow rate will allow you to clean a larger area in less time, improving your efficiency.

3. Power
Due to the surge of low quality, mass produced pressure washer imports flooding the domestic market, people often instinctively think of pressure washers being electrical powered. For commercial purposes this often isn't suitable and a diesel or petrol powered washer is the best option. This could be in situations where electricity isn't readily available or where the washer is also using its own water tank for completely independent cleaning.  

There is a lot more we could cover, but these points are a great place to start. For more information contact Systemwash UK today - we are ready to help!

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