Is jet washing environmentally friendly?

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How a jet wash compares to a hose pipe

Hot weather in recent weeks has seen parts of the country go on alert for water shortages and drought warnings. As is often the case in times like this, hose pipe bans come into place. But are pressure washers just as wasteful of water?

Pressure washers have a mixed public perception. On the one hand they are seen as practical and time saving, and on the other hand they are seen as wasteful of large amounts of water, and therefore not environmentally friendly.

Whilst it is certainly true that pressure washers are efficient at cleaning and maintaining surfaces, it's a misconception that they are inefficient when it comes to water usage.

Compared to hose pipes, jet washers are in fact highly efficient when it comes to utilising water volume and can ultimately save water when compared to alternative cleaning methods.

The components of a jet washer, such as the nozzle, pressure control, and pump capacity, are all designed for maximal efficiency. Furthermore, the superior cleaning ability of a pressure washer typically means that cleaning jobs are completed in less time, meaning overall less water usage.

The accessories available to use in combination with a pressure washer, combined with the option of using hot water instead of cold water, all further add to overall efficiency, making pressure washers an ecologically considerate cleaning method in most scenarios.

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