Jet Washing for Spring

home maintenance

Get your home or garden ready for Spring!

Exterior home improvements - Use your jet wash to clean the exterior of your home. It will work effectively on vinyl, brick or stucco and it will clean off all the dirt making it look impressive to your neighbours!

You can also use it to clean out your gutters, this will stop any blockages and any future problems.

Driveways and walkways - Using your jetwash is an effective way to get your driveway looking like new without having to spend money on it!

It is also a helpful way to get rid of any unwanted weeds and moss from growing in between any tiles/ slabs.

Garden maintenance - Using your jet wash on garden furniture is a fantastic way to spruce it up to get rid of any dirt and grime that has built up over winter. It will work on almost every material and it will be left gleaming ready for use!  Jet Washing your decking is also an effective way to remove muck and get it looking clean again ready for the nice weather.

Window cleaning - You can use your jet wash to clean windows that are hard to reach. Make sure that you are not using a lot of pressure and use it to fan water over the windows using the correct nozzle to do so.

Cleaning the exterior of your property and garden can have great benefits for the maintenance of your home. It can also create value to the property, making it a great investment!

commercial solutions

Bespoke services for industry

systemwash 301

Our unique vehicle washing system designed primarily for fleet operators who require an effective washing system.

contract hire

Various finance options are available to suit your needs. Our equipment is available on contract hire, a popular choice.

part exchange

Are you looking to replace or upgrade your existing pressure washer? Enquire about our part exchange service today.
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