Pressure Washing Tips

Winter jet washing

Make the most of your pressure washer this winter

In these cold Winter months, you may still want to use your pressure washer. Patios can start to look filthy from the mud and you may find that your car and driveway need cleaning more regularly. Here we will discuss some top tips to ensure you can still get your jobs done in this cold weather!

Store your pressure washer indoors:
It is important to store your pressure washer indoors when it is not in use. This is to protect the fluid, lines and fittings. If the pressure washer is stored outside it can damage it due to ice related problems. Therefore if it is stored correctly, when it comes to using it, it will work at its maximum performance. 

When using your pressure washer outside we recommend that you do not leave it in a shady patch. Shady patches are often colder and this could cause problems with the machine. If you use it in direct sunlight it will be faster and more effective as the sunlight will heat up the surfaces. 

Wear protective clothing:
When pressure washing in Winter it can feel very cold outside. We cannot stress enough how important it is to wear appropriate clothing. Consider wearing multiple layers, rubber boots and goggles if possible. This is a great way to keep war and ensure that you don't get any illnesses from being too cold.

When choosing which footwear you are going to wear for your pressure washing, in winter months it is suggested that you wear chainsaw boots. These are fantastic for gripping surfaces and great protection against the power of the pressure washer. 

Preparation is key:
We recommend that you wait until the afternoon to use your pressure washer in the Winter. This allows more time for the surfaces or vehicles to warm up before cleaning and it will make drying time a lot quicker. 

When using your pressure washer consider where the flow of water is going as you do not want to make your driveway or pathway slippery and icy from excess water. Think about preparing the work area before use and always apple salt or sand to the area before you start to prevent this from happening. 

Before washing your vehicle, prepare it by greasing any areas which could freeze. For example around the doors, bonnet, boot and locks. WD40 is a great way to ensure that the area is greased, therefore it cannot be iced shut, preventing you from getting in your car when temperatures are freezing. 

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