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As we see in a New Year, we have an opportunity to reflect on our achievements over the last 12 months whilst also thinking about our goals for the year ahead. Many of us do this personally, but it can be an even more valuable exercise for your business - and Systemwash are here to help!

As a British manufacturer of high quality products we are advocates for UK based small businesses and like nothing more than to see other businesses succeed. Here are some ideas for resolutions you might want to consider for your own business in 2019, and ways Systemwash can help your keep them... we all know that's the hard part.

1. Public Perception
The way you run your businesses and manage your brand tells people a lot about the standards you hold yourself and your team to when it comes to delivering work for your customers. Our unique commercial vehicle washing solutions provide an effective way of keeping your fleet vehicles in pristine condition, ensuring you are always making the right impression when they are seen on the road by customers and the wider public.

2. Raising Standards
Much like your maintaining your fleet, maintaining your commercial premises is also an effective way of showing people the standards you hold yourself and your company to. Our commercial pressure washers are a straight forward and cost-effective solution to keeping the exterior, public facing parts of your commercial premises clean. This sends the right message to any visitors you have, but is also a way of letting your employees know what is expected of them.

3. Energy Efficiency
Each year more businesses are considering the environmental impact of their working practices and looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and waste. Carrying out an assessment of your vehicle and machinery cleaning processes is one area worth looking at. The latest hot and cold pressure washing equipment from Systemwash may offer a more energy efficient (and cost effective) option to the one you are currently using. Our bespoke commercial solutions can be designed, manufactured and installed to meet your specifications so if you've a project in mind be sure to speak with us.

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Our unique vehicle washing system designed primarily for fleet operators who require an effective washing system.

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