Pressure Washing & The Environment


Save water when pressure washing

We all like to do our bit when it comes to saving the environment. To help lower your water usage you may be surprised to hear that trading your garden hose for your pressure washer is an effective way to do so. Pressure washers save water and we will discuss why.

Efficiency is Key
When comparing your pressure washer to your average garden hose, you will be aware that the nozzle of the pressure washer is smaller, allowing more control over the release of water.

A pressure washer will on average use 68% less water than a hose. When comparing gallons of water per minute,  the garden hose typically has been measured to 20 gallons versus 2 gallons with the right pressure washer.

This is a huge amount of water saved by using the pressure washer and will make a great difference to the environmental impact.

Under Pressure
As the pressure washer uses pressure behind the water to make it work, this helps to clean dirty surfaces more effectively. The stronger force of water helps the water molecules stick to dirt, grease and grime, therefore needing fewer or no cleaning chemicals.

Less water is used due to the pressure removing the dirt rather than using lots of water to clean with a regular hosepipe. The pressure behind the water creates a kinetic energy making this way of cleaning a lot more greener and environmentally friendly.

Keep Temperature and Products in Mind
When pressure washing, adding a little warm water for a period of your cleaning time may drastically reduce the amount of time needed overall.

This cuts down on the time needed to complete the job, therefore using less water. It is also important to think about any cleaning products you are using and try to go eco friendly where possible.

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