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Discover the unique collection of pressure washer accessories available from Systemwash. Designed and manufactured in the UK with the objective of making your life easier when it comes to managing and operating your system.

This month we are putting the spotlight on 3 of the popular accessories that are featured on our website and used by every day by our happy customers nationwide!


The AquaBowser is a mobile water bowser unit which can be attached to any pressure washer, which does not have a water tank as standard, to ensure essential water regulations are adhered to when carrying out pressure washing duties.

The AquaBowser features a type AA air gap which ensures backflow prevention, measures laid down by WRAS are complied with.


The Systemwash heavy duty manual wind hose reel has been constructed using the very latest computer aided design and manufacturing systems available.

As a result of this technology, all the service and repair parts are very accessible and easy to maintain with no compromise to the striking appearance.

Remote Token Unit

At Systemwash we strive to achieve quality products through design and knowledge of the industry for which the product will enter, our token unit is no exception, every aspect of this unit  from the robust design through to the flexibility of it’s use is clearly evident.

The whole unit is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel because of  the durability, rigidity and anti corrosion properties, the whole face plate is easily removable for service but is only accessible with the token drawer removed which can only be done with a secure barrel lock key.

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Our unique vehicle washing system designed primarily for fleet operators who require an effective washing system.

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